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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wifi Wizard

I have developed an interesting reputation on the Camino... I am the one to ask about where to find free wifi! I was asked 3 times today by different pilgrims where they could go... My trick: the municipal library.

After arriving in Santo Domingo, I found the tourist office and got a map, and then proceeded to locate wifi. Staying connected has been a priority during my time in Europe... Lately, it's been especially interesting keeping up with exciting American news, as well as with Canadian politics.

Met up with Tatyana, she and I settled into the hostel, and then she went to use Skype at the library.

Funny thing about siesta in Spain is that everything closes down for 2 to 4 hours in the afternoon; even libraries. Tatyana got locked in the Library!!!!!!!!!!! It closed at 2p.m. And the attendant didn't do a round before leaving.

I was outside filming beauty shots around the cathedral for a while, checked the time, walked over to the library doors... Locked... Immediately I thought "weird, did she walk right by me? Wouldn't it be funny if she was still in there..." AND SHE WAS!

When we found each other later and she told me what had happened, I laughed so hard that I cried!

(doors to the Sto. Domingo de la Calzada municipal library... And the balcony where Tatyana stood trying to recruit help!)

(this way pilgrims!)

(the Torre, across the street from the cathedral. Costs 5 euros for a ticket to visit the inside of both the cathedral and the tower... We admired from outside)

(the cathedral, doors open early tomorrow for mass)

(the amazing albergue for pilgrims! It's so beautiful inside... Large kitchen, plenty of showers and toilets; this is the life!)

(typical street in Sto. Domingo)

The town crest has chickens on it. The chickens in the picture live in a coop in the albergue's backyard. It has to do with a legend that involves soneone saying "when this cooked chicken sings, i will believe you!", and so his dinner sang. Hmm... There is even a coop in the cathedral; supposedly, I didn't see it though!

(the volunteer medic treating everyone's aches and pains)

Off to Belorado tomorrow. Need to make a point to use more sunscreen and drink more water...


Location:Santo Domingo de la Calzada

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