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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flight of the... Hornet?

Since coming home from Europe, I've gotten back to work, consolidated a few of my grades, gotten my roots touched up, been to my grandparent's cottage, and have successfully worn shoes!

Ridiculous moment of the week happened on Friday while on the way to my hair appointment with the Algonquin Hair Styling School. My aunt lent me her Vue to get to the appointment, so I turned on the radio, windows down, and started the 7 minute journey to Confederation High School. Woodroffe Avenue is under construction, so the speed limit has been reduced to 50 km/h... I'm minding the speed limit, singing along with the Rolling Stones... and I hear a loud *FLICK*
Was that a rock? Nope, a HUGE HORNET is now on the passenger side of the car!!!!!!!
I am now 2 minutes away from Confed, do I pull over? Nope, I put one hand up prepared to defend my face and scream a little... If I had stopped I would have been late for my 3:30 p.m. time slot! After I parked the car, I was able to dispose of the angry hornet... using a used Timmies cup I found outside, and an old grocery list from my purse. No hornets were harmed, and I will be more apprehensive about having the windows down on Woodroffe Ave!

Being home is weird. Back to reality. Back to the job search.

Coming home early from my trip made sense: I was there to hike for a month, and I could no longer do that. I missed my family while I was away; however, I loved being overseas. I honestly believe that it is unacceptable to be homesick while travelling... anyhow, that's what I kept telling myself while I was gone!

The Camino is constantly on my mind. As I was unpacking my bag I unearthed my seashell... I cannot wait to plan my next attempt. I'm already working on better preparing myself for the next attempt... it's 3.7 km, one way, on foot to my workplace which takes me 40 minutes to walk. This is my summer challenge; walk or bike to work girl!

Although my stint on the Camino was brief, I've come home motivated to find a real job. Not that lifeguarding isn't a real job, I'm just not banking on it being my lifelong career. Been cruising the Parks Canada job site as well as City of Ottawa. I'm eager to see what's going to happen!! Wish me luck...

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