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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Agua Plus Sal

Took the regional bus yesterday from Pamplona to Los Arcos. Apparently trains and busses have a sedative effect on me. I start the journey with plenty of energy, so I think, and 10 minutes later cannot keep my head up. Regardless, Pamplona is a really pretty city. Population of approximately 190,000! Isn't that like Ottawa? Well, you cant help but appreciate a place that will sell you a decent helping of gelato for only 1.70 euro. In addition, the taxi driver who brought me to the bus station told me that most of the participants for the annual running of the bulls are drunk tourists! Go figure.

(beautiful facade in Pamplona, Spain)

(square that I passed while looking for a map, this is where I found the cheap gelato!)

Staying in hostels is awesome. I mean it! I completely love the life style of meeting new, interesting people everyday. Every night is the same routine; stretch, pack a bit, eat something with carbs, brush teeth and wash face, find your bunk... Earplugs... And sleep. Thankfully you fall into the deepest slumber, because when you are sharing a room with 40-120 other exhausted pilgrims the snoring and farting can be detrimental to a good rest.

Last night I shared a dormitorio with 40 other pilgrims; what a snore-symphony. In addition to the human noise, the Los Arcos cathedral bells chime the hour, and in 15 minute increments. Not only earplugs, but I also burrito my head with the super long pillow on my bed. Hey, it works!

Los Arcos is small; however the cathedral is exquisite. It's awe inspiring, truly. The inside is done all in gold and the Marie and Jesus decorations are disturbingly life-like. There was s mass going on when I entered, but I quickly realized there was no priest present; it was a recording! What an unexpected surprise... Ha!

(the inside of the Los Arcos cathedral, behind the altar. The red window houses life-like Marie!)

(ornate glass coffin with a carved wooden Jesus resting inside, Marie behind)

(could it be a Banksy?????)

As I write this post my feet are soaking in a bucket of water with salt, as recommended by the pharmacist, a nurse, Denis the homeless guy, and an Australian woman... If anything, it feels heavenly!


I dropped by the market earlier and bought a zucchini, an onion, a red pepper, and some green beans. Tonight I'm making stir fried veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper, noodles and chorizo. I've already booked the beds for Tash, Tatyana and I, and when they arrive they can relax as I prepare dinner.

Tonight we will be discussing the action plan for the remainder of the walk... Basically taking a look at what's best for each of us individually.

Updates as they arise!

(vending machine at the hostel; candy, chocolate, seashell, toothbrush, chips, metal logo pins... Perfecto!)

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Location:Calle del Sol,Los Arcos,Spain

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